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I help women navigate their divorce with confidence

Giving them the FREEDOM to manifest the life of their dreams!

It's not going to be sh*t forever.

Far from it!

Wherever you are in your divorce right now, whether it's right at the beginning, stuck in grief or just stuck, I'd love to help you move to a place of confidence and then FREEDOM (in true Mel Gibson in Braveheart style)!

What happens next is limitless and I can't wait to help you get there and see what you do next!

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In September I will be running a divorce retreat IN A CASTLE!!

We will be offering emotional and practical support for a small number of women and it'll be an amazing opportunity to feel what you're feeling and to grieve in a safe place but to leave with HOPE!

Alongside some incredible yoga, guided meditations and symbolic ceremonies, we have a team of experts in Law and finance, to support you from a practical point of view.

This will be your opportunity to dream big and we'll help you work on your mindset around moving on and money.

I'm keeping this retreat small and exclusive so that we can focus on helping YOU in a bespoke way. Every divorce is different but I want you to feel confident throughout the process and go on to be completely free to create the life of your dreams.  

I’ve lived it, and I can't wait to share what I've learned and to see what you do next!

Visit Heartache Hall to find out more and book your tickets. If you book before 1st August, you will automatically become a VIP (with extras including a room upgrade!) for no extra cost.

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